Austin having fun

A great weekend with Austin Chia, if you know me, you know the reason I learn Make-up and another reason that convince me to learn Make-up with my Guru "Christine Lee" that is (I wish one day i can do face-painting for my son)

Now Face-painting had turn become my job, I love this job.

Austin so happy to be a Wolf.....

And.... he say he want to be a Pig (I love this)

Then a Deer...

Now ... he is really tired after the 4th paint "Bear Bear", do you know what happen after I finish all the drawing? He wash it off, as we need to bring him to My friend's Hair saloon opening, I feel is more proper to go with a tidy face.

Face Painting for Shamila Birthday Party


Body Painting

The Lovely couple Mr. Peter Peh & Mrs Peh (Li Yun). They having their wedding at Singapore Botanic Garden, is an un-forgetable wedding day, as they register married on 20.09.2009... (2009&2009)

I had proudly done an body paint on her arm and back side, which make herself stand out from all other 160 bride on that day.
Look the happiness on thier face, in fact they are super duper tired.
The flower paint on it will look very 3D, doesn't look flat... glad that everyone love it. I am happy to see the new bride charming smile.