Kiehl's Birthday Party for Miu


This a Super Hero theme birthday party for Miu and organise by Kielh's, that is why e birthday Girl is transform to super ordinary "Super Miu"


 This is my first time meeting Miu, I absolute Love her, don't worry we are not lesbian.

 I having Fun Time meeting a lot new friends, all really energetic people.

 Faffy very shy guy, but he decided to be Spider Man... Real Hero is now at Kiehl's

 Acai Berry.... actually is the main ingredient for the Damage-Repairing Skincare


 TRY "Ah-Sigh-Yee" Acai, TRY "Stacey Face Painting" too....

End with good group photo

Who else talk about this party??



Miu said...

wow I didn't know u got so many pictures of the face painting! I don't have many T_T sob sob..

this is a nice post!

Poshy same to u, you're so different in real life, you blow my mind off! I think I know u from past life or something.. got this electric u know! OMG i am LESBIANNNN ...

Thanks for showing ur amazing skills (one of the many talents u have) at this Party! it's truly a BONUS addition to a party which all parties should have! *wink winks*

I SOOOOOO... want u for my next event! muahhaa..

Stacey Lee said...

Miu: what you mean i man different in real life? look different on pic & real person??? haha you better don't let your hubby know that you are Les oohh...and some more have electric with someone who had 2 kids.

sure if you have next event, don't forget to invite me again... Cheers!

Kelly said...

wow stacey! dint know u r so artistic.
i hv not try face painting yet.
hope to try :D

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