FACE Painting for Samaritan Home

 This home have 34 of them
 The women behind this home, i can see from their face they are really doing it from bottom of their heart. They love all the children, and the children also love them very much.

Chinese New Year is just at the corner... Lovely Tammy is organize this event and had bring them a lot a lot new cloth.I also manage to bring some old cloth for the teenage boy and girl. They are not brand new but hardly wear more then 2 or 3 times. I really admire someone mum claim her self is one of the mystery lady had making 13 dresses for the girls to wear on 29/1/11 (fitting) for CNY!
 After everyone had change their new cloth on.. we heading to KFC for February Birthday Party.
Poshies had invited to do FACE Painting for them.
Thanks for all the volunteer helper ... Ms. Rina, Ms. Yvonne Lim and Mr. Chu Fan.

If you want to support them too please contact them directly.



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